In August of 1852, ten acres of land was purchased by Fr. Charles L. De Ceuninck along the 900 block of Madison Avenue, S.E. and it was consecrated in the spring of 1853.  Prior to the purchase, there was a small section of Fulton Street Cemetery that was reserved for Catholics.  It is believed that some of those burials were transferred to St. Andrew’s.   

At present, there are over 9,000 burials within those ten acres and there are still many available graves.  In the center of the cemetery is a circle with large monuments, memorializing priests that have served in our diocese, including Fr. Andreas Viszosky, the first pastor.  There are two mausola; one for the beloved Fr. Patrick McManus, pastor of St. Andrew and the other for John Clancy and his family.  Along the northeast corner stands an ornate holding vault that was used to hold the deceased when the ground was too frozen to bury. 

Due to vandalism throughout the years, the cemetery is completely fenced and locked.  Family members can obtain keys from the cemetery office at Resurrection Cemetery and is open on major holidays.   

Entrance gate is on Prince Street and a key is needed for access.


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