Dates to Remember

April 1 – October 15 – All decorations should be placed in the vase on the Memorial. Fresh cut flowers or artificial flowers are welcomed. Decorations not placed in the vases create mowing hazards, therefore they may not be placed. Funeral flowers should be removed from the burial spaces one week after the new burial. Metal baskets are allowed only at Holy Cross, Mt. Calvary, and Ss. Peter and Paul cemeteries.

October 15 – March 31 – Metal baskets (applies to only Holy Cross, Mt. Calvary and Ss. Peter and Paul cemeteries) must be removed and vases must be inverted within the memorial, to prevent freezing, breaking and/or damage by snow removal equipment used for winter burials.

One week before Memorial Day – Plastic cones with flowers are allowed. They should be removed within one week after Memorial Day. Cemetery personnel cannot store or save decorations removed from burial spaces.

November 15 – March 31 – Christmas wreaths & crosses are permitted at Holy Cross, Mt. Calvary, and Ss. Peter and Paul cemeteries.

December 1 – March 31 – Christmas wreaths and only wreaths are permitted at Resurrection Cemetery.

Inground vases (allowed at all 5 cemeteries) and metal baskets with handles (allowed only at Holy Cross, Mt. Calvary and Ss. Peter and Paul cemeteries) are permissible.
Inground Vases can be purchased at our offices located at either Holy Cross Cemetery or Resurrection Cemetery. Metal baskets with handles can be purchased at the Holy Cross Cemetery office.

Management reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating burial spaces, so that uniform beauty & safety may be maintained. Florist cones and grave blankets may NOT be used. They cannot be seen under snow and could become a hazard. They also ruin the grass and become nesting areas for small rodents. The use of concrete, plastic, Styrofoam, ornaments, metal signs, bottles, jars, tin cans, shells, stones, boxes, statues, glass vases, crockery jars and containers, wood or metal cases, vigil lights, etc. are NOT permitted.

Taping decorations on mausoleum or niche walls is not allowed. Mausoleum flowers must be placed in crypt/niche vases. Mylar balloons and eucalyptus may leave stains and are NOT permitted.

Lawns may not be disturbed for any purpose. Planting, landscaping, including mowing, fertilizing, coping, curbing, hedging or enclosures of any kind are not allowed, except by the cemetery grounds keeping staff.

Funerals upon entering the cemetery shall be under the exclusive direction of the management.

Ground interments must be in concrete grave liners or burial vaults. Cremated remains must be in a decorative urn or rigid plastic cremains container for interment. Scattering of cremains within the cemetery is not allowed.

Dogs are not allowed in the cemetery.